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Rules and Regulations

on Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:38 pm
Basic GUILD Rules:

  1. Be friendly, active and polite to everyone you meet.

  2. Do not break the ToS of Nexon.

  3. Do not sell services/accounts.

  4. Do not use any third party programs.(Hax/trainers etc)

  5. Do not spam in general guild/union chat.

  6. Do not ask to have more then 3 characters in the guild at one time.

  7. Do not start smega wars and don't kill steal other people in any way.

  8. Kill stealing includes mobs and elite mobs. If you found to be doing this, you are going to be warned or maybe even kicked.

  9. Be mature and try keep childish behavior to a minimum.

  10. Be nice in our guild/alliance hangout.


Advance GUILD Rules:

  1. Listen to your Guild Master and Jrs aswell as alliance leaders and jrs.

  2. Respect everyone in and outside the guild and alliance.

  3. Everyone has different beliefs, religions, opinions and convictions. RESPECT them.

  4. If you are having a problem with another member, try patching things up outside of the guild and alliance chat.

  5. If you can't patch things up bring in a Guild Master or Jr to try see if they can help out with the problem.

  6. If there is a problem with the guild contact a Guild Master or a Jr to tell us about it, so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

  7. If no one answers your question straight away please wait a while until you see someone talk in guild/alliance chat and ask that person.

  8. No one likes a guild hopper, so if you leave the guild just to join another one it doesnt give you a good reputation. If you do leave/feel like leaving please leave us a note why you are leaving/thinking of leaving so that we maybe can help you with the issue(s) you might have.

  9. No 'naughty' chatting in the guild/alliance chat until after 11PM CET (GMT+1).

  10. You need to make a forum account to be part of the guild.

  11. You need to be active on Discord to be part of the guild.

  12. If you can't follow the above rules then maybe we arent the correct guild for you.

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